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Q & A

Walk-ins are always welcome. In fact, only a limited number of tables are set aside for bookings, the rest is to welcome all guests because we value inclusivity.

The process is very transparent. Throughout the year guests and staff nominate local nonprofits to support, by email, direct messages, even in person visits. We have an ongoing list of nominations that we select from.

Each quarter, our team selects 3–4 registered charitable organizations to support. We focus on upstream prevention that promotes healthy, connected and supportive communities.

We support registered charities that support marginalized and at risk communities, including  BIPOC, refugee and immigrant communities, LGBTQ2+ communities, food security, food and writing literacy programs, young people living unhoused, mental health and/or drug use, seniors living with dignity and so many more important causes in and around our city.

Brother and sister duo behind Good Thief and Anh and Chi originally came from a public health and medical background, naturally caring about people and their community. Reservation by Donation started to keep their team and patrons safe during covid (minimize crowding in front), but has now developed into a community initiative with over 30,000 patrons donating to local causes. Being a part of the greater community brings purpose and honour, and this is why the program continues at Good Thief.

There are no refunds, but you may email to request for a one time date / time change. 

As Good Thief is an intimate space, we allow for reservations for up to 4-6 guests max. We also only release a limited number of tables for online reservations. Please just walk-in to join us if you cannot find a suitable reservation. 

Good Thief recognizes the reservation fees when it collects the funds and reports it on the T2 corporation tax return. The restaurant then donates the received amounts - dollar for dollar - to selected charities in full. As all of the monies are donated to charity, this arrangement results in no financial gain for the company, net zero. 

No, we process donations through Tock, and it is not set up to issue tax receipts as well as, registered charities can only issue tax receipts to the donor that they receive the funds directly from. 

Donation receipts are issued by the registered charities in which the donations are made out to. Therefore our patrons are not given donation receipts as the registered charities can only issue these receipts to the donor that they receive the funds directly from. 

You can choose to donate directly to one of the select charities for a tax receipt and show proof of donation to book a table with Good Thief.